Joel Van Patten

Father | Husband | Entrepreneur | Nerd


Van Patten Solutions is a one man software consulting and development shop.

Before web browsers were even invented I was writing software in languages such as Pascal and Fortran. In other words, I was a nerd before nerds were cool. When I was in high school telling people you were going to Comic Con was a sure way to get yourself beat up by jocks and bullies. Man how times have changed.

But just because I was born before the era of smart phones doesn't mean that I'm some old dude who does math on a slide-rule (Google it Duck-duck-go it). One of the things that keeps me young is my passion for learning new technology.

I love solving problems. These days I find the best way to do that is to combine my knowledge of software development with my understanding of how businesses work. That means knowing how to write code is not enough. I also need to understand things like sales, marketing, inventory, budgets, hr, invoicing, shipping and on and on. For me the lines of code are simply by-products of solving a business problem correctly.

When I am not working or reading I enjoy growing vegetables in the backyard, camping, hiking, woodworking, video games and playing disc golf.

Enough about me. Tell me something about yourself.