Case Study: Backer Wencel Inc.

January 8, 2020 - Joel Van Patten

Our best quarter ever! The new checkout made a big impact.

Jeff Backer
Owner - Backer Wencel Inc.

Our best quarter ever! The new checkout made a big impact.

Jeff Backer
Owner - Backer Wencel Inc.

Services Provided:

  • Shopping Cart Rescue
  • 3rd Party Financing Integration

Jeff and Jay Backer have been doing online sales since the early days of e-commerce. Their efforts have been fruitful and they have a thriving business.

Some of their best performing e-commerce web sites have been online for over 15 years. During that time they have gone through many upgrades, but it seems there is always more work to be done. I am sure all you busy entrepreneurs out there can relate.

The Backer brothers hired me to modernize their checkout page in order to make it more mobile friendly. They also wanted to add Bread financing to the checkout to allow their customers to make low monthly payments.

The existing checkout flow consisted of 5 separate pages. The new design had one page with collapsible sections. The new design also took the end user's screen size into account - it provided a different experience on different size devices. It would change font sizes and margins depending on the screen size. I also removed any unnecessary form fields - because typing on mobile devices can be cumbersome. And finally I integrated the Bread financing option into the checkout.

BEFORE - 5 separate pages of forms.

The Results:

When I started this project the cart abandonment rate was not being tracked, so that was not available to use as a performance metric. However, there are certainly indicators that can be used to evaluate the project's overall results. The new checkout was launched in October 2019, right at the start of the 4th quarter. The e-commerce website then went on to have its best quarter ever. The number of orders received went up 18% compared to the same quarter the previous year. Their gross sales from the website went up 29% compared to the same quarter the previous year.

Every company is unique, and that is a good thing. Not everyone is in need of a Shopping Cart Rescue. But chances are there are some bottlenecks in your business. Discovering and removing those bottlenecks can add a boost to your productivity and your bottom line.

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